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This disaster and development group of institutions stem from Northumbria Universities teaching, research and impact orientated work since the turn of the millennium*, to progress integrated global and local issues of disaster prevention and response. The disaster and development group of initiatives share a common objective to engage research, policy, practice and civil society in disaster reduction and sustainable development.

* This included through postgraduate studies in Disaster Management and Sustainable Development (MSc and PhD) since 2000, the Disaster and Development Centre (DDC) between 2004 and 2012 and subsequent Disaster and Development Network (DDN) to date. The focus of this work is further consolidated via the Disaster, Development and Resilience research group, one of four research groups representing research areas of the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences (GES) and as reflected in the ‘UoA 14 REF Geographies of Development and Disasters’ 2021 submission. The Disaster and Development Society (DDS) was established by students of the MSc Disaster Management and Sustainable Development programme in 2014 via the Northumbria University Students Union, being complimentary to our collective learning and action in this area.

Disaster & Development Network

Disasters, Development & Resilience Research Group (DDR)

Disaster & Development Society (DDS)

The Disasters and Development Network is an international collective that uses teaching and research to help sustainably address contemporary hazards, disasters and emergencies.

The Disasters, Development and Resilience research group consists of a team of researchers in Northumbria University’s Department for Geography and Environmental Sciences.

The Disaster and Development Society is a student-led organisation that promotes the study of disasters and of sustainable disaster management.